The Ravenous Raven Lodge & Restaurant

Texada Island, BC


Enjoy our lodge, lounge, restaurant and patio.

Great ocean view and nearby old growth forest trail.


Licensed cocktail lounge and seasonal patio with spectacular ocean view

The Ravenous Raven licensed lounge offers true value and wonderful, professional Texada Island hospitality


1.5 oz.  $ 8.75 HST included



Texada G&T

Uses only the world's finest organic grain,

water and a

combination of 100%Organic Botanicals.


It is distilled at Thames Distillery near Clapham in Central London.

 300 years later...

Thames is the only Gin Distillery which both distills and bottles gin in London today.


The World’s first Organic London Dry Gin

Tastes clean and crisp, as tonic water was

intended, with a quick sharpness and a gently rounded sweetness.


The bottle is perfectly

proportioned for one proper drink.


Quinine from the Peruvian Andes.

60% fewer calories than regular tonic water. All natural ingredients.

No high fructose corn syrup.

Organic agave as the sweetener.


The World’s finest


(drink offerings)



House Red

Naked Grape: Shiraz

Sawmill Creek: Merlot or Cabernet-Sauvignon


House White

Naked Grape: Pinot Grigio


Sawmill Creek:

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc


Glass (6 oz.), 1/2 litre, Litre


Bottled Wine

Please enquire, we have an evolving selection to suit your palate


Beer & Cider

Domestic Beer

Kokanee, Coors Light, Canadian, Budweiser


Premium & Import Beer

Vancouver Island Brewery: Seadog Amber & Piper’s Pale Ale


Sleeman Honey Brown, Heineken Mickey’s Lager, SOL, MGD, Guinness

Natureland organic lager, Raven Cream Ale


Cider & Coolers

Woody’s Lime or Grapefruit, Smirnoff Ice, Strongbow, Growers White Cranberry

Okanagan Pear or Peach


Aperitif & Cocktails

The First Off (2 oz.)

Dubonnet red or white, Compari


High Balls (1 oz.)

Rye, gin, vodka, rum, tequila.


Cocktails 1 ( 1 oz.)

Screwdriver, Greyhound, Caesar, Vodka Cranberry


Cocktails 1.5 (1-1/2oz.)

Margarita, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Chi-Chi, Black Russian, White Russian, Coco Colada

Fuzzy navel, Harvey Wall banger, Brandy Alexander, Monkey’s lunch, Golden Cadillac

Grasshopper, Texada G&T



The Original

Gin. Very dry, or wet with vermouth. Dirty or burnt. Olives or a twist


D’s Q

Gin, cucumber


The Honolulu

 Gin, lemon, orange & pineapple juices, dash of Grenadine



Vodka, Amaretto, orange brandy, toasted almonds



Vodka, Alize, lemon juice


Candy Apple

Vodka, apple & butterscotch schnapps



Vodka, Bols Blue, Triple Sec, cranberry



Vodka, Frangelico, Crème de cacao



Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry & grapefruit juices



Vodka, Bols melon, Triple Sec, lime juice


The Hair of the Dog

Vodka, Clamato (or tomato) Tabasco Worcestershire, pickled bean


Special Coffee

Spanish Coffee

Brandy & Kahlua


Irish Coffee

Irish whiskey, sugar


After Eight

Crème de menthe & Crème de cacao


Monte Cristo

Orange Brandy & Kahlua


Blueberry Tea

We know it’s not coffee, it’s brewed tea with Amaretto, Orange brandy, cinnamon stick



Rum, Crème de cacao



Brandy, Kahlua, Sambuca



Brandy, Sambuca, Scotch, Drambuie


Homemade desserts

We offer a selection of popular items and special features. Please enquire.