The Ravenous Raven Lodge & Restaurant

Texada Island, BC


Enjoy our lodge, lounge, restaurant and patio. Great BC accommodation, ocean view and nearby old growth forest trail.


The building housing the Ravenous Raven was designed by Susanne Doise from Sensitive Design in 2003 using the style of Wilderness Architecture. It emphasizes setting the structure in the landscape, using local materials and crafts people, along with creating an open outdoor feel. 


The wood for the building was locally logged and milled. Several species of trees found on Texada Island are represented throughout the building. The blue stained pine walls, the fir bar, flooring and beams are some of the examples from our island’s forests.



The Ravenous Raven Lodge & Restaurant welcomes our guests, friends, strangers and neighbours into this wonderfully appointed space. We hope you enjoy this building and share in our appreciation and respect for our Island’s diverse community and unique landscape.